Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello all! Brooke here :)  Hope everyone had a wonderful, warm weekend.  I wanted to share a picture Brittany had put in the notes from our first meeting.  This picture really hit me and made me think.

Wow.  What a powerful truth.  I struggle with this a lot.  I am such a planner and if I don't have all the details or see the whole picture, I get nervous.  It's a fear of failing.  But, this quote really went well with our meeting and is something we need to use to steer our lives.  We don't have to see it all to take the first step.  It's about trust.  If we trust in God's plan then it should be a lot easier to take that first step or to make the change.

I am REALLY going to work on this.  I need to let go of my own fears and worries and just trust the plan and the almighty planner :) 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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  1. Yes!! Thank you! This is so true. Sometimes not easy, yet true nonetheless.