Friday, September 12, 2014

Have You Completed the August GLAM Challenge?

Happy Friday!!!  With our September meeting coming up I wanted to see how people are coming on the August GLAM Challenge.

Remember at our first meeting, (or in the notes I posted if you weren't there) Brittany challenged us all to extend an invitation to the next GLAM meeting to someone who might want to check it out. 

Now, if you just learned about GLAM, your new person to bring to the meeting could be yourself! 

The main goal was to get the word out there about the new group and to help people feel welcome to be a part of GLAM whenever they can!

I have really spread the word about the group and our goal and I have invited women left and right.  So, hopefully there are A LOT of new faces. 

The meeting is this Sunday and we look forward to seeing everyone who can come!

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